The Case Against Covid Vaccine Certificates.

One year into the coronavirus debacle and it looks like vaccine certificates are just around the corner. ‘It’s just two weeks to flatten the curve’ has mutated into various forms and has now arrived at ‘it’s just a vaccine certificate to get you into the pub’. Britons have been starved of their freedom for so long now that they are welcoming this prospect and are of the belief that ‘freedom’ means giving up part of one’s bodily autonomy to obtain certificate proof of vaccination against a virus with greater than a 99.7% survival rate.

I despair at the inability of the British public to observe the danger of vaccine certificates. Although it should come with little surprise given how readily Brits have submitted other liberties thus far. Additionally, after months of denial surrounding vaccine passports, it is the Conservative Party, the party with the purpose of conserving British values, pushing the idea. Of course, this gains unmitigated support from the media class who are all too keen to sow their narrative of fear and tighten their grasp around the British public. Keir Starmer and the Labour ‘opposition’, as with everything else, remain useless on the issue and will be there to usher the certificates in when the time comes.

Opposition to vaccine passes can be found scattered throughout the media but all attempts seem half-hearted and doused in the sentiment of someone willing to accept anything that will allow them down to the pub for a pint. The damning opposition that is needed during this defining moment in the fight between individual versus the state as hard to come by.

Vaccine certificates are a heinous attack on individual rights which must be wholeheartedly rejected, even by those who may wish to get the vaccine themselves. Vaccine certificates are simply a roundabout way of the state mandating vaccines by imposing certification requirements on basic amenities and activities, so much so that the individual’s choice is cut down to the point where they are effectively coerced into a medical procedure they may otherwise have avoided. Individuals have a right to choose and act on their own volition, free from coercion. Individuals should be free to choose whether they want to go to the cinema, the pub, the theatre, or other and should be free to do so without having to undergo a medical procedure as enforced by the state. The state is intentionally attacking these activities because they provide value; they bring happiness and cohesion amongst individuals. Without these values, life becomes so miserable and burdensome that handing over bodily autonomy to the state becomes the more appealing option.

Many cite the notion that ‘vaccine certificates are our gateway to freedom’ as if freedom means ‘endure coercion up to the point where you are left with no choice but to undergo a medical procedure still in its trial stages so you can be granted permission by the state to enjoy the pleasantries of everyday life that you enjoyed before’. Vaccine certificates are antithetical to freedom. Something that is built on a premise of coercion and diminution of choice, demanding the surrender of one’s bodily autonomy, cannot, by any means, be considered as ‘freedom’. Freedom is the barring of using force against one another, whomever the ‘other’ is. It is the fundamental requirement for you to live your life; you are an animal of the mind. To try and think whilst looking down the barrel of a gun is to stop living; it is your life in crisis. The British government have in effect pointed their gun at you and demanded your life. It is never “Just…” when force is being used against you.

Briton’s surrender to vaccine certificates sets a terrible precedent for the future. Accepting the government’s premises that vaccines and vaccines certificates are required, for a virus with over 99.7% survival rate, lays the foundations for the path to medical tyranny. Accepting these premises means the case is already made for vaccines and vaccine certificates when the next virus of the same, or greater, threat comes along, and it essentially signs the contract for repeat covid vaccinations each year. It is bewildering to see so many reciting ‘it’s just a vaccine certificate’, as if the last year of ‘it’s just two weeks to flatten the curve’ did not happen.

Vaccine certificates are proposed as digital certificates to be stored on mobile phones. This ultimately requires a centralised state database of the medical status of almost every individual in the country. This is an outright violation of privacy. It is no business whatsoever, of anyone other than the individual, and their chosen medical provider, as to whether they are vaccinated or not.

The digitalised nature of certificates raises concerns for even more sinister potentials, such as a social credit system. Many will say ‘oh that’s just a conspiracy theory. That could only happen in China, not here in the UK’. Well, rewind by just over a year and many would have said the same about state mandated lockdowns and quarantines. Now look. Nothing is off the table at this point.

Digitalised vaccine certificates can easily morph into a social credit system where behaviours are tracked and scored, and individuals may lose or gain rights or privileges as a result. In China, individual’s social behaviour can influence the rate of interest they receive on a loan, their ability to buy property, board a plane or a train, their ability to apply for certain schools or jobs and more. It is an unmitigated violation of rights, once unimaginable in the West, but quickly becoming more of a reality. Mass surveillance already exists in Britain which provides the precursory infrastructure for social credit scoring. Even if the prospect does seem unimaginable here, any advance in that direction must be unwaveringly pushed back on.

Unfortunately, there is a concerning readiness from private business to enforce the state’s covid edicts. Some may say: ‘Well, if a private business wants to request vaccine certificates for access, then they have every right to do so’. Whilst this may be true in a completely free market, it is delusional to think that in today’s context, private businesses exist as entities entirely separate from the state. In reality, the state has private businesses in a choke hold and are ready to cut off that last supply of oxygen they need at the slightest sign of non-compliance with covid hysteria. The state has done nothing but brainwash and bribe private businesses for the last year. It is naïve to think that all the arrangements and restrictions would be adopted in absence of state involvement. The requirement for vaccine certificates is no different. Those businesses who refuse to adopt vaccine certificates will be threatened with having their government grants, loans and assistance revoked.

Businesses should have the integrity to say no to vaccine certificates, and all other covid restrictions, upon reopening. Businesses supporting vaccine certificates are condoning the two-tiering of society where coercion acts to undermine individual choice regarding bodily autonomy. By requiring vaccine certificates, businesses are capitulating to the state and giving a nod of agreement that the state can float immoral, draconian orders, and businesses will partner with them to enforce them. Any business who opts to reopen with the requirement of vaccine passports is opting to reopen in partnership with the state and sanction the growth of covid authoritarianism. It is beyond the pale that any business should choose the side of their destroys over the side of their supports, their customers. Consumers who value their liberty should vote with their money accordingly and avoid patronising businesses who sanction the undermining of bodily autonomy.

There exists also a collusion between the state and large corporate interests which has led many to have their reservations regarding the vaccine. Many people are concerned that the likes of Bill Gates and Tony Blair are using the corporate power of their institutions to influence vaccine policy and uptake. Admittedly, some conspiracies regarding these two, and many other figureheads, are far ranging. But regardless of the extent to which one chooses to believe these, there is no question that such power, over such important issues, should not be delegated to these unelected sociopaths who seem so intent on controlling large swathes of populations on a global scale. Any effort to advance the power of these unelected despots should be resisted and reversed to allow as much power as possible to reside with the individual.

Yellow fever is often cited by apologisers as an example of where vaccine certificates already exist. But the two are not even comparable. Firstly, yellow fever certificates are required for travelling to places where the health situation is much more precarious, and hygiene and sanitisation standards trail those of the Britain. Yellow fever is distinctly more dangerous than covid, with a case fatality rate of up to 75%, which dwarfs covid’s case fatality rate of less than 1%. Additionally, research and experimentation into the yellow fever vaccine began at the turn of the 20th century, including animal testing studies, before being released over 30 years later, in 1937. Since then, the vaccine has undergone many revisions and developments. It was not until 1982 that a finalised version of the vaccine, presumed clear of all contamination, was secured. [1] Contrastingly, the covid vaccine, is an mRNA ‘vaccine’, never used before on humans, developed in several months, with no animal testing and is still in trial stages for the first two years after human release. It is not surprising that many people are sceptical about getting the jab. Seeking to coerce people into taking this vaccine by stripping them of choice is truly abhorrent.

Moreover, the yellow fever vaccine certificate is a simple card, which is rather different to a digitalised certificate where individual’s health data is stored behind a QR code on a centralised database. The yellow fever card is only required when one wishes to travel internationally to countries that demand it. It is not required for domestic travel in Britain. Nor is it a requirement of meeting up with family, going down the pub with friends, seeing a show in the theatre or a music artist at a concert, as a covid vaccine certificate would be. The clear distinction is that the yellow fever vaccine requirement does not back an individual up to the wall so much that they are coerced into taking the vaccine if they wish to continue to enjoy the values of everyday life that were accessible little over a year ago. The covid vaccine certificate, on the other hand, seeks to do exactly that. It aims to reduce individual’s frame of choice so much that the trade-off of taking a vaccine against one’s own unhindered volition, is worth it.

Vaccine certificates are simply a roundabout way of mandating vaccines. They are an evil concept of coercive control which seek to target all that is valuable in life, with the aim of inducing fear and desperation, to the point where individuals are forced to make a medical decision at the point of a gun. Any promise of ‘freedom’ from something which first requires one’s submission is entirely illusory. Any promise of ‘freedom’ is not freedom at all, but instead the submission to compulsion and tyranny, which signs the contract for a repertoire of further abuses from the state and corporate power. Just as ‘it’s just two weeks to flatten the curve’ was not ‘just’ that, vaccine certificates will not ‘just’ be a means of accessing one’s favourite activities. It should be abundantly clear by now, to even the most naïve spectator, that the state cannot be trusted and giving concessions to them does not reward anything other than further abuses. This in mind, no matter how big the gun becomes, and how much the state threatens with it, individuals and business owners who value their bodily autonomy, their liberty, their freedom, must act with unmitigated integrity to reject this egregious attack on liberty, absolutely.


2 thoughts on “The Case Against Covid Vaccine Certificates.”

  1. great article, tied up a few thoughts which ive been having recently regarding the vaccine/ vaccine certificate.


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